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McCook County

Land Auction 

155 Acres Emery Twp.

( Sold - $604,500 )

Bidding Starts Tuesday, Oct. 20th.

Bidding Closes Oct. 22nd. at 1:00 P.M. 


We will offer the following land by Online Bidding Only for the property located at the intersection of 258th. Street and 440th. Avenue.   From Salem, So. Dak. Go 5 miles South on Hwy. 81 to 258th. Street then go 1 mile West and you will be at the North East corner of the property.  Or from the I-90 Exit on Hwy. 81 go a mile and a half South then 1 mile West. 

Ernster Road Map.png
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Ernster 155 acre map.png
Ernster soil map pic.png
Ernster 156 EZ Pic.png
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